May 16, 2011

Law School Graduation

Law School.
So many words come to mind when I think about the last three years of my life. I could say that law school was everything I thought it would be. The truth is, before I sat down for my first class in August of 2008, I had never really thought about what law school was. My decision to go to law school was made at a point in my life when I was ready for a change, ready for something new, and this seemed like the logical next step. That next step is now over. The empty folder that was handed to me as I swiftly floated across the stage on Saturday now sits on my desk waiting to be filled with a bona fide law degree. My textbooks still rest in my locker at school waiting to be sold off to the next unsuspecting student.

It was hard and it was, at least most of the time, boring. It was also rewarding, exciting and extremely interesting. My knowledge has expanded to heights I never could fathom while selling Fords in Rochester, a job I loved dearly and was sad to leave. Law infiltrates every single aspect of our lives. From the box you check when downloading a song to the car you drive, to the marriage certificate in your sock drawer, law is an all encompassing topic and it feels wonderful to have a better grasp on the world I live in. I am extremely excited to continue honing my new craft for a lifetime to come.

I made a few great friends in the last three years that I will forever keep in touch with. Sadly, most of them are leaving, on to the next stage in their own lives. Thankfully, some friends, like myself, have decided to stay the course in Tucson, at least for the time being. I am confident that some long lasting and unsuspecting friendships have been forged. I am encouraged by the thought of growing up as a lawyer in the small city of Tucson with my own generation. It feels good to be a part of a more intimate legal community, and I suspect that feeling will only grow with time.

The long slog has come to an abrupt and bittersweet end. Between my final and extremely taxing tax law final, and the first day of Bar review, I had five days of glorious, uninhibited fun. These five days I will never forget. I spent them with friends, family, sisters, brothers, wife, dogs and parents. I drank too much and ate even more. It was a wonderful celebration and I will cherish it forever. Amanda and I woke up Sunday morning after the big party (thanks for the ice luge mom and dad) and enjoined the beautiful morning on our back porch with my favorite Phoenician Lauren. We the had breakfast with Amanda's brother, mother, and aunt. The eating continued over a late lunch with our Rochester, NY friends Stephen and Maria Vetri, the coolest father and daughter ever created. Finally, I spent the evening walking, talking and playing board games with my older sister Eve, my younger sister Lisa and her fiance Andrew, and of course, Amanda and her brother Russ. We even joined my parents for a neighborhood party. Thank you all for making it the most wonderful day and weekend in so many years.

The time I was able to spend this weekend celebrating and enjoying so much love made three years of law school worth the effort. I will spend the next six weeks studying for the bar exam. At the end of July, I will take the bar exam, followed by a five week trip to Indonesia. I will then officially begin work at the Rockafellow Law Firm. I am excited and nervous but also confident that both I and the Firm will succeed.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I know you will succeed, because you define success as loving the work you do. We wish you the best! :D

Tarigal said...

Congrats man!