Dec 30, 2007

We are finally here.

Hello friends, family, and anyone who has stumbled upon Hablog Ingles!

I am very excited to tell everyone that this is our first post from abroad. After a grueling 26 hours of travel for Amanda, and a less grueling 14 hours for me, we arrived in Lima, Peru on Dec. 29. While we were ready to venture off into the great unknown, Amanda’s luggage was still clinging to its familiar American life. It never made it on the plane in Los Angeles.

We were met at the airport by Susy. Susy has just finished converting her home into a guesthouse – two days ago. I am proud to say that we Americans were the first to eat her breakfast, sleep in her bed, and stink up the brand spankin’ new bathroom. Always conquering new territory, we are! We met via email through her father, who runs a guesthouse in Huancayo – our next destination.

Susy is the nicest Peruvian. She has been so helpful with everything we ask of her. I truly hope her guesthouse is successful.

We spent the day walking – I’m guessing about 10 miles – around Lima. We soaked up the sights, sounds, Christmas lights. Most Peruvians are on Holiday right now so the streets are teeming with life.

Today I counted 5,789,789 Taxis, 987,890 adorable little kids, 43,765 people selling chiclet, and 3 crosswalk break dancers. It’s a huge city and although it has so much to offer, we are happy to be leaving its chaotic streets tomorrow for the Ano Nuevo festival in the mountain town of Huancayo.

At this point we are both dumbfounded by the fact that we have completely jettisoned all responsibilities we faced in the United States. As tedious and monotonous as our working lives can become. They fill our waking lives with activity producing a certain level of comfort. This first day of roughly 225 has been one of disbelief. We have both given up so much to be here. We have both gone against the advice of so many that are close to us. We have both spent the last year preparing for today.

And now as I sit here at the close of our first full day, all I can say is: we are finally here.

Yes, Amanda´s pack finally arrived.

Dec 26, 2007

How to Hablog

Amanda and I had a fantastic Christmas. We've both been frantically attempting to place all our ducks in a row before we leave. Planning for the combination of quitting jobs, moving home, and a seven month absence from society can prove quite stressful. However, we will be ready and we will be in Peru in just three days!!

We miss our friends in Rochester very badly. Rochester is an amazing city that treated us like royalty.

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I hope all of you leave comments after each post as we go - you must have a Google account to do so - it's free to get one.

In the right column you can follow our trek with the map - as well as the locations of all the visitors to Hablog Ingles.

Amanda and I will miss our lives in America so I ask you all to please write us emails and leave us comments. If you want to send money we can arrange that also.

This will be the least interesting post you will see - the rest should be filled with adventurous stories, beautiful sideshows and comical videos from far away places.

We love suggestions!! happy blogging! Next Post will be from Peru.