Dec 26, 2007

How to Hablog

Amanda and I had a fantastic Christmas. We've both been frantically attempting to place all our ducks in a row before we leave. Planning for the combination of quitting jobs, moving home, and a seven month absence from society can prove quite stressful. However, we will be ready and we will be in Peru in just three days!!

We miss our friends in Rochester very badly. Rochester is an amazing city that treated us like royalty.

If you received an email for this blog then you are on my list - if you know someone that wants to receive updates you can forward the link, tell them to check periodically, or sent me an email and I'll add them to my list.

I hope all of you leave comments after each post as we go - you must have a Google account to do so - it's free to get one.

In the right column you can follow our trek with the map - as well as the locations of all the visitors to Hablog Ingles.

Amanda and I will miss our lives in America so I ask you all to please write us emails and leave us comments. If you want to send money we can arrange that also.

This will be the least interesting post you will see - the rest should be filled with adventurous stories, beautiful sideshows and comical videos from far away places.

We love suggestions!! happy blogging! Next Post will be from Peru.


Anonymous said...

We miss you guys in the ROC I hope you have a great time on your travels. Jonathan

Amberlynn said...

Hey YOU GUUUUUYS!!!!!!! hope you're not stressing too much. Have fun storm'n the castle!"

love Amber

jenny said...

Have a wonderful and amazing trip! I can't believe you guys are leaving tomorrow! Amanda- Kris & I got the pics you sent for xmas and we LOVE THEM! They are already framed and up for display :) We miss you guys so much! I can't wait to live vicariously through you on this blog!!! :)

mucho amor,
Jenny, Kris & Pipsqueak

alphasquirrel said...

May the power of a thousand squirrel be with you.


Just read the blog. We wish you a memorable and enriching experience. How fortunate you both are to have this opportunity. Arlene and I as well as Brittny enjoyed having dinner with you Jr.before you left. Mom and Dad and we three had a very relaxing and enjoyable time in Mexico and Dad has given me the bog site and we want you to put us on your e-mail list. I am finishing Marco Polo and you both are the 21st century embodiment. Perhaps I sense a docu-novel in the making. Thinking of you both and wishing you an experiecne of a lifetime. How well you write--will keep up to date on your travels.


Kirsten said...

Hey Leighton! How awesome that you get this opportunity again! you are both so adventurous and brave. I look forward to future blogs and photos. Your writings are very engaging and I feel as though I am with you. Have an awesome time!
Love, Kirsten in Cali