Apr 1, 2008

Iguazu Falls

It was a long drive coming to Iguazu Falls; nineteen hours to be exact. Located at the extreme north of Argentina, these famous waterfalls split the borders between Brazil and Argentina; Paraguay only a few miles to the west.

The junction of these three countries hosts one of the world’s most spectacular displays of falling water. Surrounded by thick jungle, the Iguazu River widens and splits into dozens of separate and distinct falls – over 2 km across in total. The main event is the Garganta del Diablo or Devil’s Throat. A massive horseshoe shaped waterfall that drenches anyone within 50 yards with a thick mist.

There is much more to this natural reserve than its water. Wildlife roams all around the many visitors. In just one day, we saw snakes, Coatis, the 1-inch long Tiger Ant, and a beautiful Toucan.

It was another beautiful sight to check off our list.

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alphasquirrel said...

Typically anything with 'Diablo' in the name is pretty cool...