Feb 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

It was on this day 7 years ago that I first asked Amanda for her phone number.


alphasquirrel said...

Who's number did she give you?

Nasim said...

Hey guys. What's up? Barrington Street is so quiet without the two of you:( Sorry haven't written in a while but been busy. I've "visited" the places through the awesome pics you guys took ... they're beautiful.


Nasim said...

Hey Leighton I see that you have a myspace address ... i created one too ... add me as a "friend" will you? My address is: myspace.com/merajivan

see ya. HI AMANDA. miss you guys!!!


Anonymous said...

How about another slide show. Make my day.

Lauren said...

You beat us by one day! Eric and I went on our first date February 15th, 2001!

Lauren said...
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